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SHOCKING NEWS: Overpaid footballers waste their money on hookers

September 8, 2010

I do not understand how the news that a host of Premiership footballers like to use prostitutes is supposedly shocking people up and down the country.

The only way I’d be shocked that Jenny Thompson had sex with 13 Premier League stars would be if she did with them all at the same time; and they stuck to a formation as they did so. It’d give the term ‘Back Four’ a totally different meaning…

Anyway, moving away from the horrid puns; what should we actually expect from professional footballers nowadays?

From a really young age, like before they realised that girls don’t have germs, they have been hero worshipped for having exceptionally talented feet. Before they can even start to fathom what money means, they are placed on a pedestal by us, the fans, and great things are expected of them simply because they are blessed with a skill that billions of us can only dream of possessing.

Their perspective on the world and the way that it works is so ridiculously warped that its simply lucky one of them hasn’t murdered someone. Oh; wait.

Now, don’t think I’m trying to condone what Wayne Rooney, Titus Bramble or any of the others have done… I think the idea of paying for sex is disgusting. But what else can we expect them to do? Become model citizens of a modern society while earning more money in one contract than I’ll earn in my lifetime? Not likely.

I just don’t think we should get as uppity as we are getting. Footballers these days haven’t a chance to grow up. Understand that if you want them to lead your side to ultimate glory they can’t be allowed time to mature. That would take too much time away from getting good. Plus these stories will only cause to encourage every escort desperate for a pay-day to try the same.

This article can also be on at this link: SHOCKING NEWS: Overpaid footballers waste their money on hookers


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