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Welcome to The First Eleven

September 22, 2010

Hi there. In case you didn’t know already, my name is Ryan and I’m the master of all that is The First Eleven. Having clogged up with a lot of nonsense about the many sports that I watch; it felt natural to give it all a home of its own and here it is.

On The First Eleven, I’ll be forcing you to read through my many opinions on all things sports. Football, golf, tennis, rugby, cricket… They’ll be a part of it in some way plus many more. Though I imagine that football will enjoy the lion’s share of my attention. Mixed in with attempts to make my First Eleven line-ups something of a regular feature, I’ll try to keep up to date with the many differing seasons of sport and even, if possible, tie them all together.

I’ll also be using The First Eleven and @smallramblings to keep you abreast of any other sites silly enough to post my work. Later today/this week, I’ll be making my debut on Just Football as part of its New Contributors Week. All I can ask is that click on to my article when it is published and pretend to read it. If Jonathan, the editor-in-chief of JF, starts to think I’m popular enough he may be fooled into asking me back.

Anyway, I’ve said enough. Thanks for checking in.

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