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I’m going to blame Torres for trying to score that goal

September 28, 2010

Stuart Atwell has been getting it in the neck from a lot of angles for allowing an apparent goal that shouldn’t have stood but what about the ‘alert centre forward‘ that ran onto the ball, why has he not been slated up until now?

Sure, controversy is seemingly happy to follow Mr Atwell around no matter where he goes. He did award a ‘ghost goal’ to Reading against Watford when the ball was no closer than four yards away but Liverpool‘s goal wasn’t his fault.

Stuart Atwell didn’t race towards the ball when Michael Turner had tapped it back towards his goalkeeper. Stuart Atwell didn’t run clear of 20 other bemused professionals and Stuart Atwell most certainly didn’t square the ball to Dirk Kuyt to score.

Fernando Torres did.

So why aren’t we questioning Fernando Torres on why he did it?

On at least four occasions, Torres glanced back over his shoulder expecting to hear a whistle. He knew he was doing wrong when he ran to the ball. Fernando Torres knew he was effectively cheating and he did it anyway.

At least when Kanu and Marc Overmars scored from a throw-in that was supposed to go back to Sheffield United‘s goalkeeper they did it with sheer conviction. Only after the goal was in the net were there made aware of any ‘wrong doing.’

But not Torres. From his body language, it was clear that he knew he shouldn’t have went after Turner’s ‘free kick;’ so why did he? Me thinks Mr Torres has more questions to answer than Mr Atwell.

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