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Teams of the Year – Picklive

January 10, 2011

In case you didn’t know, Picklive is Live Fantasy Football. While watching a live football match on television you pick 3 players and earn points for everything that they do over a 5 minute period. Completed passes, interceptions and goals earn you points. Offsides, fouls and bookings will lose you points. Taking on friends and total strangers for the money prizes available, it can be played while sporting a smart suit, a track suit or just your pants.

It’s the kind of game that makes a no score draw interesting.

And such is the way that Picklive is set-up, the more points a player scores the better he is playing in the game. Kicking off day two of our Teams of the Year series, we present Picklive Football’s team of 2010.

Goalkeeper: #1 Jose Reina

There are two types of goalkeepers that do well in Picklive. Goalkeepers like Joe Hart and Brad Friedel who are stuck behind slightly leaky defences impress with their shot stopping prowess. While Jose Reina tends to score highly as he plays a “sweeper keeper” role behind the Liverpool back-four. The Spaniard constantly completes over twenty passes in a team for the ‘Pool and racks up the points pretty well. Reina is consistently amongst the higher scorers in the Liverpool team and is always a decent shout for a few points in either a Live game or a Big game.

Right-back: #2 Danny Butterfield

Before Picklive was Picklive, it was known as Football3s. Back in those long ago days, it was still the same game just without… well, the catchy name. And we’re happy to honour strong performances back in the Football3s days, and one of those outstanding efforts was a hat-trick for Crystal Palace right-back Danny Butterfield. Playing a makeshift striker thanks to Palace’s financial problems in an FA Cup fourth round replay, Butterfield stole all the headlines with an incredible ‘perfect hat-trick.’

Left-back: #3 Ashley Cole

The best selections in a Picklive sense are the players that constantly score points for their teams, even if nothing much is happening in the game. Lots of time on the ball, quick passes, strong challenges, completed crosses and quite a few interceptions is everything that you can expect from Ashley Cole every time he plays for Chelsea. The England left-back is regularly in the top three scorers of every Picklive game that features in and that’s without needing to provide an assist or score a goal. His averages for Chelsea and England are both above 58 points.

Central midfielder: #4 Steven Gerrard

It is a well-known fact that when Steven Gerrard plays well, Liverpool plays well. He is a captain that leads by doing. He’s not particularly vocal but what he does best is lead by example. Nothing sums that up more than Thursday 4th November. With his side 1-0 down to Napoli at half-time, Gerrard came off the bench to score an incredible 91 Picklive points in 45 minutes. The club captain scored a hat-trick to help his side to a 3-1 win and was also the top scorer for the entire game despite only playing in the second half.

Centre half: #5 Jonny Evans

Generally speaking, the players that have acquired the most points during a Picklive game will have been the best performers in the game. Except if you are Jonny Evans. During November 30th’s 4-0 defeat to West Ham United in the Carling Cup, Jonny Evans played probably the worst game of his short professional career so far. He was at fault for the two goals scored by Carlton Cole when he allowed the big centre forward a wide berth to finish on both occasions. He was so bad that he was replaced by Wes Brown with twenty minutes to go but finished the game as United’s 2nd best Picklive performer scoring 68 points. The exception that proves the rule or something.

Centre half: #6 Sergio Ramos

For Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos averages 56 points. For Spain, he averages 63 points. Much like Ashley Cole, he is destined to accumulate quite the haul of points regardless of how he is team is getting on. Ramos is constantly on the ball making quick passes and given his attacking licence, always good value for an assist here and there. Another player that proves consistency breeds success in Picklive.

Central midfielder: #7 Charlie Adam

In 2010, Blackpool featured in 3 Picklive matches. They lost 4-0 to Chelsea and 3-2 to Manchester City. The only win they enjoyed in front of Picklive fans was a 2-1 win against West Bromwich Albion. Despite the losing record, Charlie Adam ended the year with an average of 85 points for every game. The Blackpool captain plays in a system designed around his incredible passing abilities and as such, is always going to do well regardless of the result. Much like his break-out year in the Premier League, Adam has quickly established himself as a must-pick in Picklive games; assuming they feature another Blackpool game soon.

Advanced midfielder: #8 Xavi

Much like his midfield partner Charlie Adam, Xavi plays a style of football that is built to keep earning him Picklive points. He is at the centre of everything good that Barcelona and Spain do, and has an incredible ability to ghost around teams. Xavi constantly picks up the ball in space, despite the best efforts of his markers but despite his incredible averages, he is included in the Picklive Team of the Year for one particularly special performance. Xavi averaged 89 for club and 98 for country in 2010 but it is the 138 points that he scored against Real Madrid that qualifies him for this team.  He did nothing wrong. At no point in completing 105 passes, making 8 interceptions and scoring a goal was Xavi deducted any points. He literally didn’t put a foot wrong.

Striker: #9 Samuel Eto’o

During Inter Milan’s 4-3 win over Tottenham in October, the highest ever Live Game of 75 was scored by Zolawasgod FC. With the new scoring system for 2011 that record will probably be broken soon but for now, it remains the holy grail of scores. A big part of that 75 was Samuel Eto’o who contributed 36 points in just seven and a half minutes. A goal, an assist and a handful of other points in an incredible return for just 450 seconds.

Striker: #10 Carlos Tevez

Not only is Carlos Tevez forced to carry Manchester City every time they take to the field, but every time they feature on Picklive the Argentine forward is their main points scorer. He never stopping work rate means that he pops up all of the pitch earning points. Tevez links up the play of City well and always seems good for a goal when Roberto Mancini’s men feature in a live television game. Another player rewarded for being a consistent points scorer.

Wherever he wants: #11 Lionel Messi

There is no situation in a Picklive game when Lionel Messi should be overlooked for selection. His ability to do something brilliant at the drop of a hat means he can always be looked on to produce a moment of brilliance and rack up some crucial points. Of course, it’s generally the case that Messi is selected by about 95% of people involved in the games he plays. It’s a much bigger risk to not select Messi and hope your replacement performs better than him. He won’t.

2010 Picklive Team of the Year

Let us know your thoughts below.

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