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What else can you spend £35 million on?

February 1, 2011

Rather unexpectedly the transfer record for a British player was smashed yesterday when Liverpool signed Andy Carroll from Newcastle United for £35 million. With Fernando Torres on his way to Chelsea for a domestic transfer record of £50 million, Kenny Dalglish and Damien Comolli acted quickly to replace the Spanish striker and retain a man in the famous number nine jersey.

However, the price is rather inflated on what Carroll’s market value should really be. Carroll is just 22 and has only scored 34 professional goals. His rather short career has already been littered with some off-the-field incidents, including an infamous spell as Newcastle captain Kevin Nolan’s lodger, and he has only played 60 minutes of international football.

John W. Henry may just find himself scratching his head at the weekend and wondering why he gave his authorisation for such a deal. To put his mind at ease, we’ve put together some alternative purchases that the Liverpool owner could have got for his money.

#1: David Villa plus change

An experienced frontman for club and country, David Villa left Valencia before last summer’s World Cup and only cost Barcelona £34 million. Before joining the Catalan club he played regularly in the Champions League and was a regular part of Spain’s very successful national team. They won the 2008 European Championships and the 2010 World Cup over a four year-spell that also included an incredible 39 game unbeaten run.

#2: Mesut Ozil, Sami Khedira, Rafael van der Vaart and Javier Hernandez

In their most recent transfers Mesut Ozil, Sami Khedira, Rafael van der Vaart and Javier Hernandez cost a grand total of £35 million; the same as Andy Carroll. Of course, you could argue that Liverpool don’t three central midfielders, especially two players that like to operate in the hole behind the striker that Steven Gerrard likes to roam into and only Chicharito would fill a gaping hole in the Reds team but there is no doubting that the four men would improve the quality of the Liverpool squad.

#3: Glasgow Rangers Football Club

Given the link between Liverpool and Celtic I’m not sure that purchasing the other half of the Old Firm would be the greatest of PR exercises for New England Sports Ventures; but on the plus side, they would have better chances of qualifying for the Champions League.

#4: A Quentin Tarrantino film

Kill Bill: Volume 2 was made for $56 million which just about equates to £35 million. If John W. Henry ever fancied making the move away from sports and into cinema, he could get his starting budgets by moving Carroll on to another club.

#5: Power the Tevatron for one year

While the Large Hadron Collider draws all the headlines in Switzerland, the Tevatron has been working away in the United States and making discoveries since 1983. An incredible tool for research even if I don’t quite understand the things that it has done; the Tevatron costs £35 million per year to run.

#6: An Indian Premier League franchise

Okay, not anymore. But back in 2008 when the IPL was getting started franchises were available for just £35 million, or $60 million. Three years later and on the brink of a fourth season, the bidding starts at an incredible $250 million. Quite the return.

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  1. Alex Odquin ^_^ WHATUP permalink
    February 7, 2011 7:08 am

    too true but Andy Carroll is on fire right now :)


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