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Picklive Three to Watch: Chelsea versus Manchester United

March 1, 2011

Tonight at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea can’t afford to finish the game without earning a result against Manchester United. The saving grace for the Champions throughout their stuttering run has been the two games that they have against Sir Alex Ferguson’s league leaders. Securing the maximum six points from their two clashes with the Red Devils will go a long way to closing the rather daunting gap between the two teams, which currently sits at twelve points.

Should Manchester United pull off an unlikely victory that difference would stretch to fifteen points; and no amount of huffing and puffing from the Chelsea players will convince anyone that they remain contenders in the title race. To be fair, Manchester United can afford to lose the game. They won’t want to, and as Ryan Giggs mentioned in his interview with the Daily Telegraph, defeat is not something that he or his team-mates accept even as he prepares to enter his 21st year as a Manchester United player.

The game will no doubt go the same way as recent clashes between the big sides of the Premier League. Both sides will set out to be defensively organised and make sure chances are at a premium. Attacking flair and creativity are usually sacrificed for fear of losing; meaning a potentially drab 0-0 draw is on the cards if both teams happen to cancel each other out. An early goal would go a long way to improving the game as the conceding side will have to look towards ‘Plan B’ to get a satisfactory result.

Thankfully, you can still enjoy the game even if it turns out to be more tactical than a chess match by playing live fantasy football. Picklive is fantasy football on acid. Rather than joining a fantasy football league in August, forgetting about it in October and then trying to resurrect your season with a string of changes in the January window, Picklive games last one five minutes, and you can win pots of cash from stakes as small as £1.

To give it a whirl tonight during the Chelsea versus Manchester United, simply click here and enjoy a free trail of Picklive worth £3. You simply select three players who you are confident will confident the most to the action across the next five minute period and if you select correctly, you could walk away with a small fortune. There is even the chance of scoring the weekly jackpot of £100.

To help you on your way, we’ve even got some friendly insider advice on three players you should consider picking tonight:

Frank Lampard – Chelsea

To Picklive veterans, this is something of a no-brainer. Frank is a big part of everything good that Chelsea does on the pitch and his game is suited perfectly to racking up scores of Picklive points. In the last three Chelsea games to feature on Picklive, Lampard has been one of the two top Chelsea performers. Against Fulham in the league and Everton in the FA Cup, the England midfielder scored over 100 points and only because Nicolas Anelka scored both goals against Copenhagen, he would have been their best performer then as well. Lampard completes a lot of passes, makes a number of interceptions and isn’t afraid to have a few strikes on goal.

David Luiz – Chelsea

In tight games, defenders can be great point scorers. They tend to make a lot of passes as attacks build from the back, they will make a lot of interceptions as they nullify the attacks of the opposition and as was the case when John Terry scored the only goal of the game in last season’s fixture, they can be the game winner. David Luiz has only played in one full Picklive game, against Fulham, but on that occasion he scored an incredible 101 points. He made 27 interceptions, completed 63 passes thanks to his willingness to carry the ball out of defence and even tried two shots on goal but they were off-target. He won’t shy away from the action and that should mean a big pile of points will follow.

Nani – Manchester United

The rather abysmal 32 points that Nani could only manage to score against Marseille simply proves the risk that comes with selecting wingers. If things don’t fire for them on the night, they can become passengers in a game and if Nani is on the periphery of the match, he’ll score you any points. However, he has been a form player for the league leaders this season and he’ll relish the challenge of taking on Ashley Cole, who will hopefully be without his air rifle. The tricky Portuguese star scored 130 points against Wolves and 103 points against Manchester City in his other recent Picklive appearances, thanks to his willingness to take players on and deliver crosses as well cut inside to unleash efforts on goals. Fingers crossed for you, he’ll be in that sort of mood tonight when you pick him.

Try Picklive by clicking here.

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