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Wayne Rooney’s outburst – Who gives a f*ck?

April 5, 2011

Swearing isn’t big and it isn’t clever. It sounds crass and only in a really good American action movie does it come close to sounding cool; but it is a fabric of life. It is everywhere and used by everyone; especially in football because it is the best way to express an emotion at that certain time.

Fuck. Shit. Bollocks.

Frick, crap and rubbish just don’t cut it.

Go down and watch football match anywhere in the country; Sunday league games and five-a-side games amongst friends, and you’ll hear a barrage of foul language thrown around from all angles. On and off the pitch. Usually its in a fit of frustration and despair at the chance just missed or the goal just conceded but often enough, it’s a moment of euphoria that can only be followed with “fucking get in there!”

It’s an unfortunate animal of our times.

To me, it’s perfectly understandable that Wayne Rooney would swear after completing a match-winning hat-trick. Having lead his team back from staring down a campaign changing defeat towards a valuable three points that would actually go towards increasing Manchester United’s lead at the top of Premier League, I can imagine some emotions were flying around.

If the camera were ten feet away, he’d have probably still said “what fucking what” (or something to that effect) and those of us to read his lips as he did would have done so with a wry smile. The commentators would probably have made comment on “a passionate outburst from the Manchester United number ten.”

Wayne Rooney didn’t leave the field of play to celebrate. If he wasn’t standing on the touch-line, he was pretty close to it. The Sky Sports camera arrived to him, microphone turned up and hoped for something to happen. It did. They wanted something to happen and Rooney obliged. But instead of looking like a moron like so many before him and kissing the camera, Wayne released his emotion as only football truly allows. Now he is faced with a two-match suspension that could rule him out of key games at the business end of the season; all because the camera was too close. It should have left as an apology from Sky Sports and at most, an apology from the player.

Manchester United may well look back on Saturday as the day that defined their season. And depending on where the league championship ends up, it will be for one of two reasons. The comeback could be the catalyst towards the trophy or the suspension could deny Sir Alex Ferguson use of his finest player for two key domestic games.

Next time, Wayne Rooney should probably jump in the crowd and take the yellow card that may come with it. He’ll either get away with it or be able to blame the swearing on a fan.

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  1. July 29, 2011 1:21 pm

    i love what you did.

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