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It’s a Sneaker Thing

June 10, 2011

Are you a crazy sneaker addict? If you are then It’s a Sneaker Thing is the place for you. Of course if you are, then I imagine I’m preaching to the converted but just in case you didn’t know, you need to be turned on to the sneaker movement gaining huge momentum across the globe.

Over the last couple of weeks, the antics and shenanigans of Sneakerheads have been receiving more and more coverage. Adam Smith quit his job because his boss didn’t like him wearing his Jordans at work. Lace Street Art of the neon and the massively over-sized kinds has started popping up all over the show.

If you thought Turtle, the buddy of movie star Vincent Chase, paying $20,000 for some hand made Fukijama Air Force 1s in Entourage was over the top for even a fictional universe, it has got nothing on true sneaker fans.

These Super Mario Bros. Chuck Taylors are easily the best we’ve seen in a long time. Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the legendary game which was celebrated some six months ago, the Converse trainers with their reproduced 8-bit graphics from the game are just plain awesome.

What am I saying? You already know about Footlocker’s Sneaker movement. You’ve already pre-ordered the Super Mario kicks. I’m just wasting characters and screen space right now by continuing to tell you about it. Aren’t I?

Just in case I’m not and you’re a Sneakerhead that just didn’t know there are others like you. You’ve been altering your Pumas and improving your Jordans for years and never felt truly appreciated for your fine work.

It’s a Sneaker Thing and Footlocker want to know all about what you’ve done and they want you to share it. The more ridiculous the situation, the better. Get over to to see videos and join the Facebook group so you’re updated constantly.

For now, you need to check out Milan’s very own sneaker streaker. A truly outstanding show of passion and love for sneakers on what looked like quite the chilly evening for the rest of the Italian city.

To encourage and promote the Sneaker Movement and to make sure all these incredible moments are captured across the globe, Foot Locker has set up It’s the hub Sneakerheads need to share their overwhelming passion for sneakers! Log-on now and share your story or just sit back and be inspired by others.

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