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Time For A Change

On the 22nd of September 2010 I launched The First Eleven… In nine months of this blog it has been viewed 104,835 times right up to the point of this post being started. That is an incredible amount of traffic but I remain annoyed with the lack of direction that I’ve managed to work out for the site.

The First Eleven was supposed to be my hub of everything that I write but such are my vastly different interests and the whims that I take myself on, it has ended up quite the mess. There is no direction to the writing or no regular postings that can be relied on a weekly basis.

For the 2011/12 season I want to start a new project.

Arguably the internet probably doesn’t need a new football blog and I’d be happy to join an already established website should you want me but for the new season I want to start working towards producing a credible direction with weekly columns by some of the finest writers on the internet. Sure sure, it’s a big dream but it’s something.

I’ve been building and working on producing a podcast to go along with a new site and I’m keen to find a co-editor that I can work with to establish the site and I guess, this is the point of this post.

Do you want to work with me and collaborate with me on a new site for the 2011/12 season?

I am sticking myself out there for any and all interest which will ideally build into a fine site. I can bring an apparent ability to draw in readers even if what I write is all over the place and based on a mass of different subjects. I want to channel that into a team effort to build a new site.

Want to give it a go? Email me at please.

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